I’m usually pretty active, but every now and then I get into a fitness rut, and tend to look to the internet for inspiration. The following are a few of my favorite places online that I like to check out for some much needed fitspo.

Impact Magazine

One of the few magazines that is still worth the paper subscription, Impact Magazine always inspires me with their intimate articles on real athletes. As an avid runner, I also love that they have an annual running issue, with the latest races and recommended training regimes, from 10k to full marathon events.

Time Exercise/Fitness

Whether it’s Time Magazine’s blogwebsite, or  an interesting health article about the latest exercise that reverses the signs of aging, I find myself gaining new insight and appreciation into the reasons why I exercise.

Vancouver Trails

If you love to hike the local mountains, Vancouver Trails has nearly all the information you need on hike near Vancouver. From getting to the trail head, or how much elevation you can expect on a hike, this site enables you to prepare for a great day in the woods. I love reading about the mountain peaks that I’ve yet to concur; it makes me want to plan a new adventure with friends.

Kaisa Keranen (@kaisafit) 

Don’t be fooled by her goofy and creative workout videos, Kaisa’s athleticism is incredibly impressive. I came across her one day when I searched #newgoals on IG, and have been following her ever since. She’s as humble as she is fit, and you’ll find her movements are more fun than they are difficult.